Try it—you'll be saying "Gimmee Granola" too!

We all want to feed our bodies the best. So when I found myself searching the grocery store for a healthy, tasty granola and leaving empty handed, I realized that only I had the power to create that wholesome snack that I was craving—and Gimmee Granola was born!

Over months I continued to change and perfect my recipe, carefully choosing a blend of healthy ingredients, mixing them by hand and slow baking them to create a truly optimum flavor experience.

Soon enough, those around me began to say “Gimmee Granola!” and I was only too happy to oblige—anything to help others feed their bodies with a snack that is equal parts nourishing and delicious.

And what’s better than feeding ourselves a wholesome snack? Feeding the world! That’s why 10% of all profits from Gimmee Granola go directly to local food pantries (5% for humans and 5% for our four-legged friends). There can be no better reason to treat yourself to a healthy snack! So the next time you are looking for a bite to eat, look no further—skip the chips and cookies and say “Gimmee Granola!”

Enjoy in good health,
JoAnn Larson Whalen